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Guokang and its affiliates

Sichuan Guokang registered in Chengdu high tech Development Zone (West Zone), its a high-tech pharmaceutical enterprise groups which include the research and development of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine, manufacturing and marketing Its possession of two Pharmaceutical production factory include Sichuan Guokang Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.and Ziyang Shunxing Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., Chengdu AQi Biological Technology Co., Ltd.which is a high-tech bio-pharmaceutical research institutions Sichuan GuoAo Pharmaceutical Trading Co., Ltd. Which is a pharmaceutical business passing the new GSP certification

NOWthe companys GMP production is base in GuoKang pharmaceuticalwhich is located in Industrial Park Of JiaoLong QingyangChengDu high tech Development Zone (West Zone)It passed the national GMP certification in May 2004 for the first timeit will pass the national GMP certification in 2015 againAt the same time we invest a new and five times size factory Shunxing Pharmaceutical production basewhich is located in TuoDong biological pharmaceutical industrial parkZiYangit will pass the new GMP certification in 2015 

Product is the life of companyits professional R & D institution AQi Biological Technology based in the research and development of new drugsthe main research directions are process improvement and pharmaceutical structure analysis of the existing drug productquality research of drugquality standard formulation and optimizationfocusing professional development in the drug field of gastrointestinal,psychotropic,diabetesWe will insist the principle of dual innovationprovide continuously products for GuoKang and ShunXing,and also provide integrated product development and technical support for community customers

We will face the marketdevelop with the courageIts affiliates GuoAo Pharmaceutical Trading Co., Ltd. involved in wholesale and retail of raditional Chinese medicine and western medicinemedical devices and Chinese herbal medicineIt communicate market for the enterpriselinking customers to establish a good market channelIt will based on YunNanGuiZhou,SiChuan and ChongQing and other southwest regionand will gradually extended to the national market

The company's decision-making and management layer is mainly composed of outstanding returneesPh.D.professor and other senior professional managers in pharmaceutical fieldboth have a high level of professional level and business operation experiences talented personand have a large number of various types person of enterprise rapid development needed to assistincluding medicalpharmacyfinancebusiness management and market administered and other professional senior personnelOur team is a farseeing,capable and pragmaticperseverance,innovative and rich practical experience of outstanding team

The enterprise follows the principle of operation and management of the modern enterprisecarrying out the general manager responsibility system under the leadership of Board Chairmangiving full play to the initiative and the creativity of the teamGuoKang is not only a high-tech type and high professional focus of pharmaceutical production enterprisesand also a fast growth enterprise groups with Broaden horizons and High aspirationsWe are gradually shaped and formed a unique characteristic organization structure managementcultural atmosphere and brand during the continuous process growth

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